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If you have a creative flare, you might like to contribute to your local blog? News, events, this is the platform to keep your community updated. Contact your local police station, ask for your District Crime Prevention Coordinator (DCPC) or Station Community Crime Reduction Officer (SCCRO) who should be able to offer further details on the process. More details are available from page 13 of the Welcome-to-NHW-Guide.pdf.

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volunteerIf you want to Volunteer within the community at events. Page 14 of the Welcome-to-NHW-Guide.pdf talks about getting involved as part of a traditional ‘formal’ group. Page 8 in the NHWQ-Policing-Guide.pdf also elaborates on this aspect after completing a Volunteer Application Form.

Neighbourhood Watch Queensland provides a vital link between the Police and the Community. It also gives NHWQ members a direct point of contact with the police. You too can partake in helping Neighbourhood Watch Queensland to enhance engagement with the local community, and encouraging greater community participation through improved communication! Let’s work together to stay connected.

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The NHWQ blog is not to be used as an alternative means of reporting crimes or other offences.

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NHWQ is a proud member of Neighbourhood Watch Australasia

Neighbourhood Watch Queensland is a proud member of Neighbourhood Watch Australasia.

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The NHWQ blog is not to be used as an alternative means of reporting crimes or other offences.